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At Home Exercise Equipment

With the holidays upon us this is a great time to pick up some equiment to bolster your at home workouts. I always get a lot of questions about what equipment I recommend for at home training and here are my top five! If you're contemplating getting some equipment but you're concerned about space, listen to what Frank Costanza has to say about working out!

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to space savers this is the one! With the convenient slider you can change weight from 10lbs in each dumbbell up to 50lbs. As far as adjustable dumbbells go the price is quite competitive and they have great reviews.

2. Kettlebells

If you have some kettlebell skills to incorporate into your workouts, the Kettlebell Kings offer a range of kettlebells from 5kg (10lbs) all the way up to 41kg (90lbs). I like to keep one heavy kettlebell and one lighter bell at home. This allows me to use a challenging weight for deadlifts and squats as well as being able to bench press and overhead press an appropriate weight.

3. Glute Ham Roller

The key with at home training equipment is that the item in question needs to be versatile. Having an entire dumbbell set will take up a lot of space, therefore the adjustable dumbbells are a massive space saver! The Titan Glute Ham Roller helps incorporate the following exercises:

  • Bodysaw

  • Hamstring Curls

  • Ab Rollouts

  • Reverse Lunges

HERE is a video reviewing what exercises you can use a Glute Ham Roller for at home.

4. Resistance Bands

Initially these bands became very popular thanks to TRX. However, TRX charge upwards of $150 for a set whereas there are plenty of cheaper options which are just as good. This pair retails for $37.98 on Amazon. You can use them for a bunch of exercises including rows, planks, V Ups, leg curls and side planks. Just don't forget you'll need an anchor like this to secure the bands to your wall.

5. An Adjustable Bench

Rep Fitness have a great adjustable bench option. It is on the pricier side of things when it comes to items on this list but it is worth every penny because it is VERY stable and offers many incline options. There are a lot of cheap adjustable benches on sale with tons of horror stories to go with them becasue they failed during a heavy set of incline bench or chest supported rows etc. You can use the adjustable bench for flat bench press, incline bench press, military press, chest supported rows and bicep curls.

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